Voxel51 Open-Sources VoxelGPT: An AI Assistant That Harnesses GPT-3.5’s Power to Generate Python Code for Computer Vision Dataset Analysis


Voxel51, a prominent innovator in data-centric computer vision and machine learning software, has recently introduced a remarkable breakthrough in the field of computer vision with the launch of VoxelGPT. Leveraging the power of GPT-3.5 and FiftyOne’s versatile computer vision query language, VoxelGPT empowers computer vision engineers, researchers, and organizations to curate high-quality datasets, develop high-performing models, and expedite the transition of AI projects from proof-of-concept to production.

VoxelGPT offers seamless integration of natural language queries with practical Python code. This transformative capability allows users to effortlessly filter, sort, semantically slice, and gain insights about images and videos in their datasets without needing to write a single line of code. Unlike conventional no-code and low-code solutions, VoxelGPT combines the simplicity of such approaches with FiftyOne’s advanced querying and visualization, enabling users to leverage the flexibility of their preferred tools and libraries while accelerating their computer vision workflows.

VoxelGPT offers several key capabilities that streamline computer vision workflows, saving time and resources:

1. Search computer vision datasets: Users can employ natural language queries to search datasets, enabling them to retrieve specific samples based on various criteria, such as retrieving random samples or identifying unique images with false optimistic predictions.

2. Ask computer vision, machine learning, and data science questions: VoxelGPT is a comprehensive educational resource providing insights into fundamental concepts and solutions to common data quality issues. Users can ask questions about precision and recall, object detection in images, and methods to reduce redundancy in datasets.

3. Search documentation, API specifications, and tutorials: VoxelGPT provides access to the complete collection of FiftyOne documentation, assisting users in quickly finding answers to FiftyOne-related questions. Topics such as loading custom datasets into FiftyOne, exporting datasets in COCO format, and generating 2D images for point clouds can be quickly addressed.

Voxel51, a proponent of transparency and clarity in data, offers open-source and commercial software solutions that enable developers, scientists, and organizations to build high-quality datasets and computer vision models.  

Thousands of engineers and scientists have widely adopted its offerings for machine learning workflows. Enterprise customers across diverse sectors, including automotive, robotics, security, retail, and healthcare, rely on FiftyOne Teams, the collaborative platform provided by Voxel51, to securely collaborate on datasets and models. With a commitment to delivering data-centric AI solutions, Voxel51 continues to expand its team of exceptional individuals who share the vision of bringing data-centric AI to the world.

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