Top Encrypted Email Services in 2023


These days, we can’t imagine life without email. Learning about the various trustworthy email service providers is crucial. People spend hours a day checking business and personal email. Despite its usefulness and efficiency, email has serious security flaws. Not if you’re working with a mainstream service like Gmail or Outlook.

Email is a major entry point for hackers to access private company data. A secure email provider is essential for protecting your inbox and the sensitive information you send and receive daily.

By reading this article, find out more about the top secure email service providers and which one is best for your company.


The most widely used encrypted email service is ProtonMail. It uses asymmetric end-to-end encryption and is open-source software developed in Switzerland. If you only need a little space and send fewer than 150 emails per day, ProtonMail is free for you to use. Self-destructing emails are a cool feature of ProtonMail. You can schedule an email to be erased from the recipient’s inbox when a certain amount of time has passed. Your messages and attachments are encrypted at rest with ProtonMail. Because of this, even ProtonMail cannot read your encrypted messages because it cannot access your password. (It also means they can’t reset your password).

If you’re a business person in need of a secure email solution other than those offered by Google or Microsoft, check out It has many features beyond email, including cloud storage with encryption, video conferencing, an address book, a calendar, and a to-do list. PGP encryption, the de facto standard for email encryption, is used by this service. Although there is no zero-cost option, is quite cheap. Signing up and making payments for the service are both discrete options. Additionally, is proud to be run on renewable energy.


HubSpot’s extensive suite of tools—which includes email hosting and marketing services, as well as customer assistance and content management—has earned it a reputation as a one-stop shop for businesses. HubSpot’s features offer a wide variety of safeguards for your and your customers’ email communications. HubSpot’s marketing email platform supports the latest BIMI authentication standards and SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. HubSpot uses top-tier security measures to prevent unwanted or accidental access to their network whenever they transfer or store your data, including encryption during transmission to and from your computer.

Zoho Mail

Although everyone can use the free version of Zoho Mail, business users value the service. The Workplace plan provides several means of communication and cooperation, including a word processor, spreadsheet program, webinar platform, chat function, and more. It uses S/MIME, a form of asymmetric cryptography, to encrypt your emails while they are in transit and stored on the Zoho servers. Each user’s email is protected by their digital signature, making it impossible to fake. Reviews often praise Zoho Mail’s usability. Using its administrative interface, you may centrally configure all of the mailboxes in your company.


Open-source Tutanota also offers end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication for email. The protection of personal information is a top priority for Tutanota. It employs AES and RSA encryption instead of PGP. These implementations use the same methods as PGP, but their use of symmetric and asymmetric keys provides additional protection. Other security measures include image blocking, header stripping, and phishing attack warnings. The free plan includes 1 GB of storage and one calendar for personal use only.


Since Posteo allows users to sign up and make payments anonymously, it is frequently used by activists and journalists who value maintaining their anonymity. Posteo encrypts information both while in motion and while stored. Posteo’s end-to-end encryption is turned off by default. However, it can be activated if necessary. Posteo can be integrated with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook because it supports POP and IMAP. With Posteo’s migration service, moving from another email provider is quick and easy without losing your messages, folders, contacts, or calendar.


When it comes to secure email services, Thexyz is a bit player. Despite lacking native end-to-end encryption, Mailvelope, a browser extension, makes it easy to employ OpenPGP end-to-end encryption. Firewalls and spam filters are also in place to safeguard your inbox. Thexyz is a Canadian company, but many of its servers are in the United States, making it a poor choice if you value security against prying eyes. Emails, calendars, and contacts from Office 365, Gmail, and other services can be easily transferred with the assistance of the migration service.


Self-destructing emails and other security features like end-to-end OpenPGP encryption are available in PrivateMail. Compared to other encrypted email providers, PrivateMail stands out due to its use of cloud storage. With AES 256 encryption, your data on the cloud is safe. It is up to you whether or not to decrypt downloaded files on your local machine. You can send and receive encrypted files using PrivateMail. One drawback of PrivateMail is that it is headquartered in the United States. It is also more costly than the majority of alternate solutions.


Hushmail is a trusted and reliable encrypted email service that has existed for a long time. It is encrypted with OpenPGP. HIPAA compliance is a big selling point for Hushmail in the healthcare industry. Protect sensitive medical correspondence with Hushmail’s Healthcare package. To facilitate auditing, it stores copies of all emails sent and received by all users on your domain in a dedicated archive account.


When it comes to safety, CounterMail means business. CounterMail, like many of the other services below, offers PGP encryption. It improves encryption by using the AES above and RSA techniques. A USB key set up for two-factor authentication can further fortify the safety of your data. CounterMail’s Swedish servers are unlike others because they boot directly from CD-ROM rather than a hard drive. CounterMail’s password storage system is called Safebox. If you forget the master password for the Safebox, you will lose access to all the other passwords and login credentials stored within.


Mailfence is a secure email service that encrypts messages and requires two-step verification at every stage. There is a free tier that provides 500 MB of space. Mailfence supports digital signatures and OpenPGP encryption. A password manager is included as well. There are better options than this, but it does provide several useful office utilities like calendars and instant messaging. Mailfence is an excellent alternative to Gmail and Outlook for customers who value security without sacrificing usability.


Runbox is a safe email service that abides by Norwegian privacy laws to keep your data safe. This is significant because disclosure of your information will require a court order. The facility housing Runbox’s data center was first constructed for the Norwegian government. It has numerous built-in safeguards to protect server data and infrastructure. Green energy is used to power it as well. The secure email service prioritizes users’ security and privacy, yet it is still easy to use and packed with useful extras. Runbox can be used on both standalone mobile apps and third-party email clients.


The creators of Startpage, a private search engine based in the Netherlands, also provide a secure email service called StartMail. In America, we place a premium on personal space. StartMail stands out from the competition since its encryption features are managed locally on your server rather than in your browser. All emails are encrypted at rest and support PGP encryption. StartMail’s disposable email addresses are another one of its distinguishing features. These addresses can be used with any provider. If you need to use other programs, the service is compatible with IMAP and SMTP.


Neo’s encrypted business email service is designed for freelance, small business, and entrepreneurial professionals. Thanks to the platform’s enterprise-grade security features, all user accounts are protected from cyber threats. Two-factor authentication and superior anti-spam quality significantly reduce the number of unwanted messages and the likelihood of malware infection. In addition, Neo provides a free domain with a extension, so users can take advantage of its business email services even if they don’t have their domain. In addition, Neo provides a free landing page to help users establish their online presence.

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