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Calendars, specifically Google Calendars, have both positive and negative aspects. For example, they can help plan gatherings, track time spent on individual tasks, and even keep in touch with pals. However, our schedule has the potential to balloon out of control quickly. Having nothing to go on but a sea of blue checkboxes on your weekly calendar might be very aggravating. This is why we’ve gathered here: to share the best calendar resources we’ve found.

When you include that the average American now spends between 15 and 50 percent of their week in meetings, it’s easy to see why scheduling may become a nightmare. Here are a few of the best apps that can help you stay on your schedule and complete more in less time. Several of our top picks are as follows:


There is a good reason why Calendly is the default meeting scheduler. It’s dependable and easy to use on both ends, and the default installation comes with more tools than you’ll ever need. Users of Calendly can “set it and forget it” by creating a booking page where invitees can select from various meeting formats, view your availability, and schedule a meeting with you. It’s the perfect tool for those who get a lot of meeting requests and want to respond quickly and clearly.


Calendar is a full-fledged calendar tool, not just a meeting organizer. The interface is highly evocative of Google Calendar and is available in both online and mobile formats. It’s also a meeting scheduler, so you may make your booking slots and send links to others. In contrast to Google, which locks away its superior appointment-making features behind a paywall, Calendar provides all of its features for free. With the free plan, you can link the app to one of your existing calendar services and create up to two fully-customizable scheduling time slots.


Hive is an app that combines your calendar with project management data in one convenient location. Hive’s calendar view helps monitor projects with strict due dates. The function provides a versatile perspective on any undertaking. Your calendar can be displayed in several different formats depending on your needs. Hive Calendar also facilitates the smooth operation of productive meetings. Syncing your calendar with Hive lets you easily record who will attend the meeting and other relevant details. Hive lets you view your work-related tasks in one place by connecting to your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar.


With Doodle, you can see when your coworkers have free time for meetings and easily set up a time that works for everyone. The program syncs with Google Cal, Office 365, and iCal so that you can easily see who is accessible and when, and it can even automatically adjust for different time zones that your guests may be in. Doodle is especially helpful for scheduling meetings with large groups, as it lets you quickly narrow down possible meeting times and find out who is free “if need be” during a given window. In addition, meeting reminders can be emailed to attendees to increase punctuality. It’s the best calendar organizer out there.


Calday is the best online scheduling tool available, and it’s completely free. You can easily book clients with one single connection and get many wonderful benefits. A convenient calendar is included for all your planning purposes and can be used with minimal effort. Calday will support you whether your company operates mostly online, offline, or in a hybrid fashion. With our web and mobile apps, your customers may book multiple services simultaneously. Calday works great for one-on-one conferences, small- and large-scale courses, and regular gatherings. It finds applications in many areas, such as commerce, instruction, recruitment, and self-care.


Booknetic is a plugin for the WordPress platform that streamlines scheduling appointments online. The plugin can schedule repeating appointments, collect deposits, and send reminders. Booknetic’s responsive layout makes it suitable for various devices and browsers. The appointment scheduling widget can be made unique through the use of a form builder, in addition to other design and layout options. Instantly after entering their information, your customer’s details are stored and may be accessed from the control panel. Booknetic also has several optional extras, such as discounts, gift cards, reports, and compatibility with other messaging programs.


SavvyCal is a multi-purpose scheduling program focusing on making it simple to work together and identifying the best times to meet. Meeting polls are the only feature included in the free plan. However, users may use individual and team scheduling connections for an additional $12 monthly. Sign up with SavvyCal and follow the on-screen prompts to link your preferred scheduling and teleconferencing tools. From the clean and simple interface, you can instantly access your schedule and meeting polls, set your default availability for all meeting kinds, and view your upcoming events.

If you’re searching for a free meeting scheduler that doesn’t skimp on features, (formerly Harmonizely, which recently acquired) is a great alternative. With this app, you can set up several kinds of meetings and send attendees a single link to book a meeting time. The invited party can then choose an appointment day and time that works for them. It’s comparable to many other services I tried, but its exceptionally generous free tier sets it apart. With unlimited meeting kinds, video conferencing integrations, and 500 monthly scheduled meetings, the basic plan is free for one person and has up to three calendar integrations.


Appointy is an easy-to-use scheduling application with an integrated online calendar made to assist people like you in staying on top of your appointments and commitments. The software’s user-friendly design means you can quickly and easily specify staff availability, rearrange appointments by dragging and dropping, and cancel them with a single click. This software allows you to easily assign unique colors to each service to distinguish between scheduled appointments. You can enable two-way sync with Google Cal, iCal, and Outlook Calendar to keep your personal and business commitments from colliding. Customers can be reminded of their appointments and sent notifications automatically.


Bookafy is a fantastic automated appointment-making procedure because it can send confirmation emails, text message reminders, and sync with Teams, Zoom, Webex, and others. This product is ideal when meeting with potential applicants, employees, or business partners. Bookafy allows your team to display their availability in real time by syncing their calendars. Bookafy may synchronize with your Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, or Exchange account. In addition to initial and group meetings or panel interviews, HR departments can schedule one-on-one meetings between customers and staff and group events between several customers and staff.


The Mayday calendar is an AI-powered time management, protection, and organization tool. It’s free to get on Apple’s iOS, macOS, and iPadOS platforms. The software analyzes user preferences and historical data to determine the best times to schedule certain events. Meeting, task, and schedule customization suggestions are also available from Mayday. Mayday’s capacity to accommodate several people’s schedules and preferences is one of its most appealing aspects. Scheduling connections make it simple to open up plans to meet with others while ensuring that individual priorities are taken into account, and the tool can propose the optimum times to arrange meetings based on the team’s True Availability. In addition to smart tags, FYI events, buffer time, and time windows, Mayday provides several time management tools to help users stay on top of their schedules.


Runday is an advanced AI tool for synchronizing schedules and making the most available time. It may be used for business and personal purposes, with capabilities such as organizing worldwide groups easily, creating meetings with just one email, accessing a personal assistant around the clock, and increasing reservations. Customers can book clients and boost revenue with the tool’s team connectivity, chat support, and routing capabilities. User reviews attest to Runday’s simplicity and reliability in reducing the burden of scheduling conflicts. Users will find it simpler to record their everyday activities and maximize their time usage with the assistance of this program. There are three different pricing tiers: free, business, and enterprise.


Ipso AIP is an artificial intelligence-driven calendar management product that facilitates timely appointment setting. It’s an AI assistant that can handle scheduling and emailing on your behalf, tailored to your tastes. GPT-3, an OpenAI-created NLP model, provides the computational muscle for this application. Users may easily schedule meetings with contacts, respond to emails automatically, and set reminders. Those interested in joining the tool’s waitlist can also do so. The amount of effort spent on managing calendars and setting up meetings can be cut in half with the help of Ipso AIP. In addition, it can spare consumers the trouble of typing out emails or looking for phone numbers. In conclusion, Ipso AIP is a helpful tool that can improve efficiency and save time when scheduling events and meetings.


CalendarHero provides several ways to set up one-on-one, small group, and large distant meetings, such as scheduling links, an intelligent email assistant, and a standalone web scheduler. Your invitees can schedule meetings around your availability, or CalendarHero can do it automatically. Automatic reminders for invitees, daily meeting limitations, and meeting briefs all help you stay on schedule and in control of your time. CalendarHero automatically adds conferencing details to your calendar events and integrates with more than ten video services, including Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams, to make remote scheduling a breeze.

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