Salesforce AI Introduces CodeT5+: A New Family of Open Code Large Language Models with an Encoder-Decoder Architecture


Modern large language models (LLMs) have excellent performance on code reading and generation tasks, allowing more people to enter the once-mysterious field of computer programming. Architecturally, existing code LLMs use encoder- or decoder-only models, which excel at just some comprehension and generating tasks. Code-focused LLMs typically have a limited set of pretraining objectives, which will degrade performance on downstream tasks that are less relevant to those objectives, and they often adopt an encoder-only or decoder-only architecture, which can limit their optimal performance to only specific tasks.

The AI Research team at Salesforce presents CodeT5+. It is a revolutionary family of encoder-decoder code foundation LLMs that can be easily customized to perform exceptionally well on various code interpretation and generation tasks. To do this, the team provides CodeT5+ with a wide range of pretraining objectives on unimodal and bimodal data to provide a code LLM that can be easily adapted to various downstream tasks.

What is CodeT5+

CodeT5+ is a set of large-scale language models for analyzing and generating code. The framework incorporates a wide range of unimodal and bimodal pretraining goals. CodeT5+’s modules can be separated and recombined flexibly to meet the needs of a wide variety of zero-shot, finetuning, and instruction-tuning applications.

While the decoder is trained to provide various outputs based on the pretraining learning tasks, the encoder learns to encode contextual representations from code/text sequences (entire, partial, or span-masked sequences).

CodeT5+ is initially pretrained on large-scale unimodal data from public-facing platforms like GitHub. To teach the model how to recover code contexts in code spans, partial programs, and entire programs, this pretraining employs a variety of objectives, including span denoising, decoder-only causal LM, and seq2seq causal LM tasks.

The second stage of pretraining uses text-code bimodal data, or combinations of text and code that provide the semantics of a code function. To enhance its cross-modal understanding and creation capabilities, CodeT5+ is here pretrained on cross-modal contrastive learning, matching, and causal LM tasks.

CodeT5+ can adapt its performance to various tasks thanks to its two-stage pretraining procedure, which includes seq2seq-generating tasks, decoder-only activities, and understanding-based tasks.

In their empirical investigation, the team compared CodeT5+ against 20 benchmark datasets and state-of-the-art code LLMs, including LaMDA, GPT, StarCoder, etc., on tasks including zero-shot, finetuning, and instruction-tuning. While competing against OpenAI’s robust code-cushman-001 model, CodeT5+ achieved State-of-the-Art (SOTA) outcomes on zero-shot HumanEval code creation tasks.

To sum it up

CodeT5+ is a new family of open-source, large-language models with an encoder-decoder architecture that may function in several modes (encoder-only, decoder-only, and encoder-decoder) to serve a variety of code interpretation and generation activities. CodeT5+ is trained using a variety of pretraining tasks, including span denoising, causal language modeling, contrastive learning, and text-code matching to acquire a comprehensive understanding of both unimodal and bimodal code-text data.

This work indicates that the proposed CodeT5+ open code LLMs can support and even reach SOTA performance across a wide range of downstream code jobs by operating flexibly in encoder-only, decoder-only, and encoder-decoder modes. The team is open-sourcing all CodeT5+ models to encourage further study because they believe CodeTs+ can be deployed as a unified retrieval-augmented generation system.

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