Best AI Shopify Apps (2023)


You know how difficult it is to remain ahead of the curve if you run an online store with Shopify. In an age where cutting-edge technology and AI-driven shop features are continuously being introduced, it cannot be easy to discern which parts will give your Shopify site the edge it requires.

The good news is that many Shopify apps use AI to give you access to individualized support, determinations based on big data, machine learning models, algorithms, and more.

Here are some apps to check:

Dialogue AI Automatic Personalization 

Shopify’s Dialogue AI Automatic Personalization aims to improve the platform’s users’ average order value, average session duration, and conversion rate. It analyzes customer preferences based on their online activity with the help of AI. Dialogue AI recommends related and complementary items to customers to boost the average order value. Banners for high-margin products are generated automatically to delight customers and increase sales. You can use it to make “how-to” movies that show them why and how your items will solve their problems. All you have to do is create the videos, upload the content, and let the tool put them where potential customers can find them quickly. Automatic personalization from Dialogue AI is compatible with various platforms and applications.

Suggestr AI Recommendations 

If you’re considering opening a new Shopify store, you should check out Suggestr, an AI-powered tool. When you’re ready to start recommending products that convert to customers, install Suggestr. Suggestr employs AI to intelligently select the best things to showcase, speeding up the discovery process. AI and ML methods outperform Manual suggestions by a factor of ten. For brand-new businesses, Suggestr is tailor-made. It can also suggest things for your business that would do well on Facebook. The company assigns every customer a dedicated CSM (customer success manager). The CSM’s job is to guide the customers through the entire process. UddStudio, Beyond The Vines, and Dalstrong, to name a few, use this method to boost sales by over 5%. 

Translation Lab 

For those looking to sell their wares on Shopify, Translation Lab is a potent artificial intelligence-powered tool. Because it uses AI to translate your store and its pages into numerous languages and currencies, this tool enables you to sell across borders. You may increase your sales and enter new markets with the help of Translation Lab. Online Shopify merchants needed help translating their cart pages before the release of Translation Lab. Now that Translation Lab is available, users may rest easy. With the help of Translation Lab, your online shop can adapt to the language of its customers without you having to lift a finger. This makes it simple to expand your business to support new languages. There is no need for any supplementary coding or server-side processing. In addition, Translation Lab makes it easy to switch the default language of your store with a single mouse click.

Gobot AI Chatbot and Quiz 

You can automate assistance with Gobot AI Chatbot and Quiz and increase conversions with guided selling quizzes. It is common knowledge that consumers need help determining which product offers the best value. This application helps reduce customer service tickets by highlighting the best products for shoppers at any given time. The Gobot AI Chatbot and Quiz employs AI to analyze user feedback and provide targeted suggestions based on what it has learned. Gobot makes the buying process more predictable and makes customers feel cared for. Your Shopify store will see fewer returns as a result, too. Send targeted text messages and emails to current and potential customers based on their purchase history and other preferences with this useful tool. Gobot can help you customize your marketing channels and create detailed profiles of your customers. Integrate Drip, Klaviyo, Attentive, and Active Campaign to share information about your customers’ actions and responses. 

AI Images SEO 

AI images SEO employs AI to produce alt text for all your product photographs automatically. To accomplish this, it first checks each image to see if it is missing alt text. If you sell products online, using alt-text can improve your customers’ purchasing experiences and bring more people to your site. Google reads the alt-text of a product image to figure out what it’s about. Therefore, you must include alt-text with your product photographs if you want them to be searchable on Google. The Shopify app AI Images SEO makes this procedure much easier. It instantly brings your shop up to par with competitors. The setup process for AI Image SEO is simple. It’s simple to use and comes loaded with tools to improve your Shopify store’s performance. 

Sizify AI Clothing Size Chart 

The Sizify AI Clothing Size Chart is a helpful tool for proprietors of retail establishments dealing with garments. It employs AI to aid shopkeepers in recouping lost revenue via a size guide and clothing size recommender. It improves the online buying experience for consumers and business owners alike. Sizify adds a widget to your website when it has been installed. The widget aims to give customers personalized sizing advice or a size chart based on their measurements. The tool’s configuration allows you to enter settings that direct users. When customers swarm to your business looking for the best clothing, the Sizify AI Clothing Size Chart will help them find the perfect fit. The online shop and older themes can both be used with this app. If you use our app, your consumers will easily find their perfect fit in your clothing. 

PriceIntelligence AI

Artificial intelligence pricing tracker PriceIntelligence. Artificial intelligence monitors the costs of similar products on the market and provides comparisons to retailers. The product’s intended use is to aid retailers in competing for and securing more buy boxes. 

With PriceIntelligence’s rule-based dynamic pricing, you can automatically establish reasonable and adaptable prices. With PriceIntelligence AI, your dashboard will be updated daily with relevant information, such as precise and comparable product matches, smart pricing recommendations, in-scope SKUs, and more. You can easily synchronize your in-scope data with a few clicks for a streamlined pricing experience. 

AI Product Description Writer by Copysmith 

With the help of AI Product Description Writer, you can create AI-enhanced descriptions for all of your store’s products. Copysmith, the maker of the GPT-3 mentioned above software and one of our preferred automatic article generator tools, is the source of this apparatus. With the help of AI, the entire process may be sped up with AI Product Description Writer. This tool is a reliable companion for everybody, copywriter or not. Using this tool, improving your SEO rankings is child’s play. The AI Product Description Writer is worth the investment because it produces original product descriptions at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house copywriter. You may have hundreds of genuine product descriptions in a matter of minutes.

Bold Brain Store AI 

You can use the data-driven insights provided by the AI in your Bold Brain Store to drive more conversions and outmaneuver the competition. It uses AI to learn about your new and old customers so you can tailor your offerings and provide them with a better overall experience.  Using advanced artificial intelligence, the Bold Brain Store will prioritize showing clients the solutions to their problems. After downloading and installing the app, your website will feature a widget. Features such as recently added products, recently seen products, most popular products, products that people also bought, top-rated products, and a smart widget are all included in the widget. Bold Brain is always honing in on smart recommendations for your store’s customers.

Smart Search Bar & Filters 

The Smart Search Bar & Filters are a set of filters and a bar that assist consumers in identifying the product most likely to alleviate their problems quickly and easily. If your theme doesn’t include a search bar, here is the solution for you. Smart Search Bar can enhance the shopping experience by providing a page with search results. When users click the search box but try to decide what to type, this feature will give a drop-down menu of the most popular search terms, collections, and products. The Smart Search Bar & Filters feature automatic spell check, product recommendation, and synonym detection. 


Omnisend is a game-changing AI-driven email marketing platform. You can analyze your customers’ actions and preferences using its advanced AI algorithms to generate more relevant and engaging emails. In addition, it allows for automated campaigns to be initiated in reaction to specific customer actions, ensuring that the right message is always delivered at the right time. Using Omnisend will change the way you approach email marketing forever.


This AI-powered reviews tool can help you get more helpful feedback from satisfied customers. Clever algorithms determine which customer reviews are most relevant to potential buyers and feature those reviews prominently on the relevant product pages of your online shop. It also offers easy interaction with popular social media platforms, allowing consumers to broadcast their positive experiences to their networks. With Loox, you can harness the full potential of social proof.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell 

This AI-driven app works through the checkout process, recommending additional products based on the customer’s preferences and past purchases. Its complex algorithms consider product popularity, price points, and even time of day to help you maximize your sales opportunities. Writing product descriptions is tedious and time-consuming, but the AI Product Description Generator app makes it easy. It analyzes your products and generates descriptions that are interesting to readers, geared toward making a sale, and optimized for search engines. In addition, it uses artificial intelligence to evaluate potential descriptions and pick the best one.


MESA’s robust automation platform for Shopify companies can help you streamline operations and concentrate on the big picture. Pre-built workflow templates allow you to reduce time spent on administrative tasks while simultaneously increasing output. Everything crucial is taken care of dependably without any extra effort on your part, from auto-tagging to exchanging inventory FTP feeds, and it’s all contained within a single centralized source of truth. Our favorite Shopify AI app is MESA because of its built-in AI by MESA and deep, one-click integrations with OpenAI, ChatGPT, DALL-E, and others. These app extensions make it simple to incorporate AI into existing processes.

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