Best AI Sales Tools (2023)


AI is the future wave, potentially revolutionizing and streamlining a wide range of corporate processes. Across all departments, from information technology (IT) and customer service to human resources (HR) and sales and marketing, AI plays an increasingly important role in increasing operational speed and efficiency and seizing potential possibilities. 

The sales tools enabled by AI are discussed in detail in this article. Consistent sales and performance can be difficult to achieve because of the effort required to identify the best leads, engage them in meaningful conversation, and ultimately close the deal. 

Here’s where AI comes in handy: automating time-consuming sales processes. 

Among the top artificial intelligence sales tools are:

Oliv AI

The sales process adoption can be tracked and managed with the help of Oliv AI, an artificially intelligent sales assistant. To create curated insights, Oliv AI listens to hours of sales recordings, identifies the most successful discovery conversations, and identifies common customer concerns and questions. It’s meant to inspire salespeople to prepare thoroughly before making cold calls. In addition, it offers real-time conversational insights to sellers, directing them toward the next intelligent actions to take to provide clients with a uniformly positive buying experience. Oliv AI keeps Salesforce up to date and guarantees good CRM hygiene. In addition, it streamlines the sales process by bringing together many sales tools in one place. This includes customer relationship management systems, meeting recording software, video conferencing, and content management systems.


Pipedrive’s AI sales assistant reviews your prior sales data to recommend when you should take action to maximize your company’s earnings. It’s like having a sales mentor who is always looking out for your best interests and offering advice based on how you’re doing. The Sales Assistant feed consolidates all alerts and notifications in one location, fostering greater openness and teamwork while making it simpler to keep everyone on the same page. It also gives you weekly reports on your progress to see how your results and performance have changed over time. You can see if you’re slipping behind or making great strides toward your goals by comparing the results using handy graphs. 

Regie AI

Regie AI is an AI-powered sales outreach solution that quickly and efficiently sends customized sales messages to prospects and clients. This tool is ideal for sales development personnel to improve inbound lead responses, open email rates, and meeting booking because it allows them to create hyper-personalized cold emails 10 times faster than with a manual email chain sequence. By automating tasks like drafting one-off emails to keep deals moving, writing customized scripts for phone calls and LinkedIn InMails, and integrating pre-approved marketing materials in messages, it streamlines the processes of your Account Executives. Regie AI not only automates sales outreach but also helps your revenue team create compelling content at scale, including blog and social media posts, email sequences, and event and invite follow-ups. 


Cresta AI, an AI-powered contact center intelligence product, equips employees with self-service, live coaching, and post-call analysis to ensure that every interaction with a client counts. Products like Cresta Agent Assist, Cresta Director, Cresta Insights, and Cresta Virtual Agent are available to aid businesses in various sectors with their sales, customer service, retention, remote teams, or WFH needs. Cresta AI enables organizations to use real-time insights to propel outcomes, discover and act on crucial business insights, boost agent effectiveness and efficiency, and automate processes to save time and effort. With AI, the tool may assist sales teams in developing and implementing individualized playbooks that boost business outcomes and reduce the gap between top and bottom performers.

Seamless AI

Seamless AI is a real-time search engine powered by artificial intelligence for B2B sales leads that often increases opportunities by 350% and ROI by 5-10x. It is much simpler to construct a sales pipeline, reduce the sales cycle length, and increase the number of deals closed with the help of this search engine connecting sellers directly with their potential clients. Its sales prospecting system helps salespeople locate qualified leads and create a targeted list of leads so they can spend less time gathering information and more time closing deals. Seamless AI also offers a free Chrome plugin to quickly and efficiently locate lead contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. In addition, its data enrichment function enables salespeople to supplement a list of contacts or leads that is otherwise incomplete with the information they need to make it productive. 


Veloxy is an artificial intelligence-powered sales solution that accelerates growth, strengthens customer bonds, and increases revenue for businesses of all sizes. Constant customer involvement and happiness are the most important factors in successful sales and retention. Salespeople waste an average of 66% of their time on administrative tasks, including making and taking calls, sending emails, searching for suitable leads, recording their activities, entering their data into Salesforce, and setting up follow-up appointments. However, thanks to Veloxy’s Sales AI, salespeople can spend 95% of their time selling instead of on administrative tasks that don’t contribute to new business. Additionally, the sales cycle is shortened. AI Guided Selling simplifies customer engagement by alerting salespeople to which leads will most likely convert when they first contact via phone or email. 


When it comes to making AI videos in bulk, Tavus is unparalleled. Imagine if you could shoot a single sales video once for a campaign and then have it automatically customized for each of your leads. Consider the time savings if you could record a single video in which you thanked all of your top accounts. Tavus is a video editing platform that allows users to capture, upload, and modify preexisting videos. This will enable you to say “Hi Hailey” in one video, “Hi Shirley” in another, and so on. It’s impossible to convey how incredible it is in words. Thanks to this, your LinkedIn, email, SMS, and other channel response and satisfaction rates will increase, giving the impression that you made a personalized video with little to no effort.


Drift is the most well-known tool here. It started as a chat platform but has now evolved into an AI-powered e-commerce platform. Drift is a modern sales tool that employs AI to boost sales teams’ efficiency and success rate. This is a fantastic option for small and large enterprises if you want to automate lead collecting and the sales process without increasing the workforce. It offers real-time communication with prospective clients through chat and a simple, drag-and-drop Bot Builder that can be used to create a chatbot in minutes. It has multilingual AI chatbots that can produce pipelines, qualifies leads, and respond to consumer inquiries. In addition, it can integrate with Google and Outlook for scheduling purposes and has an Account-based marketing (ABM) capability that allows sales representatives to interact with clients in real-time.


Regarding modern sales teams, Clari is the go-to sales enablement platform. With the best sales material, tools, and data-driven insights, Clari enables sales representatives to close more deals. Clari continually and automatically aggregates forecasts across every rep, region, overlay, channel, and product line using data from real deals. With Clari, you can see everything your sales team is doing, from the people they’re talking to to the deals they’re working on. The company claims that using Clari’s intelligence platform may enhance win rates by up to 20%, shorten sales cycles by up to 25%, and raise average deal sizes by up to 30%. The promises are bold, but the system does offer some compelling advantages. With the help of AI-based Revenue health indicators and Revenue change indicators, it can accurately predict where you’ll be after the quarter. It can also be used to estimate sales by different market segments. Establish the potential dangers in every business transaction. How your team handles accounts can be seen through AI-driven analytics, allowing you to spot engagement gaps and distribute resources more effectively.

Exceed AI

Sales teams can benefit from Exceed AI’s acceleration and productivity features, which allow them to close more deals in less time. The software has several tools that help salespeople keep track of leads and opportunities and communicate and work together more effectively. With, sales staff can easily manage their sales funnel and data across many CRM and ERP platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. In practice, Exceed AI is a chat assistant driven by AI that can be used for both live chat and email marketing. Questions are answered, prospects are vetted, and data is synced to your CRM, all thanks to AI. Qualifying, developing, and passing off leads also takes less time. It links with your website through a chatbot or your sales team’s email marketing, and its AI sales assistant employs conversational AI to qualify prospects based on your playbook. Qualified leads are automatically distributed to the appropriate sales representatives.


Regarding artificial intelligence (AI) sales software, Saleswhale ranks high since it allows sales representatives to concentrate on what’s truly important while still supplying them with high-quality leads. Depending on your needs, Saleswhale will suggest a set of data-backed Playbooks. Recycled MQLs with no sales activity, Post-webinar leads with low intent, and other strategies are all part of the playbook. Saleswhale is an AI-powered email assistant for nurturing leads. More deals will be closed with less effort from your sales staff. Not the Right Person, Not a Good Time Now, Request for More Information and similar email responses can all be configured in the lead conversion assistant. The email copy and subsequent sequence can be tailored to each answer, making for a more organic and effective conversation.


To help sales teams better handle leads and customers, HubSpot provides a comprehensive customer relationship management platform. Contact management, leads, emails, and sales reports are just some of its functions. HubSpot’s Sales Hub interfaces with the company’s other products, including Marketing Hub and Service Hub, to provide a full artificial intelligence sales solution for organizations of all sizes. HubSpot’s Sales Hub is a sales software that consolidates all the tools necessary to increase sales efficiency into a single interface. It helps you see how each part of your sales cycle is doing by generating and tracking leads, automating those steps without effort, and scoring them. Create a repository of useful sales content for the whole team, and collaborate on papers without leaving your inbox (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). In addition, it may record information about each call automatically, allowing you to learn the “why” behind your team’s performance and open up new avenues for sales coaching with artificial intelligence.

People AI

People AI is cutting-edge AI-driven business software. It boosts sales reps’ efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to clinch more deals. People AI, like SetSail, looks at historical data to determine which deals have the best chance of success. Therefore, salespeople may focus their energy where it will have the greatest impact. Link buyer interaction at the top of the funnel to deal closure, create a high-quality pipeline, and produce consistent growth. Sales calls, emails, and meetings are all recorded and analyzed by, which then offers suggestions for increasing efficiency. It’s a useful tool for keeping salespeople on track and helping them manage their pipeline. employs AI to foresee sales trends and provide sales representatives with the data they need to prepare for the future. Marketo, Salesloft, LinkedIn, Xactly, and many other apps are just some of the ones it works with.


SetSail is the go-to sales pipeline tracking and analytics platform for large businesses. SetSail allows you to see all of your data and employs machine learning to help you spot trends in purchasing and productivity. You can access insights via your customer relationship management system, data lake, or any of SetSail’s user-friendly dashboards. With SetSail, you can mine your deal history for the most predictive metrics of future performance. So now you know what “good” is and how your salespeople should act. The clever competitions included in SetSail can also be used for training. When it comes to raw technical might, SetSail is your best bet. Complete your data by capturing signals like sentiment and subject, linking contacts with the right account or opportunity, and integrating with major customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) applications. SetSail’s sophisticated AI analyzes past data for patterns to deduce when potential customers are ready to purchase. 

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