Best 10 AI Tools for Google Sheets (2023)


In the ever-evolving world of data analysis and automation, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer. With its ability to streamline tasks and provide intelligent insights, AI is now making its way into Google Sheets, the popular online spreadsheet tool. This article will explore some of the top AI tools available for Google Sheets, each offering unique functionalities to enhance productivity and decision-making.

XLMiner Analysis ToolPak: The XLMiner Analysis ToolPak, a Google Sheets add-on, equips users with advanced data analysis capabilities. It includes regression analysis, clustering, time series forecasting, and other powerful tools. These features empower users to derive meaningful insights from their data, leading to better-informed decision-making.  Link to XLMiner Analysis ToolPak

Power Tools: Power Tools is a collection of AI-powered add-ons designed to enhance data manipulation tasks within Google Sheets. With features such as Split Names, and Remove Duplicates, Power Tools streamlines workflows, making data management more efficient and accurate. Link to Power Tools

DocParser: DocParser simplifies the extraction of structured data from various file formats, such as PDFs and scanned documents, directly into Google Sheets. By automating this process, DocParser saves valuable time and effort otherwise spent on manual data entry. Link to DocParser

Data Everywhere: Seamlessly transfer data between Excel and Google Sheets with a single click. Eliminate the need for manual copy-pasting, emailing, or importing data between the two platforms. Enjoy up-to-date data synchronization and the flexibility to choose between Windows or OS X platforms for a smooth data-sharing experience. Link to Data Everywhere

MonkeyLearn: MonkeyLearn is a powerful AI tool that automates text tagging in Google Sheets, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. It is 100 times faster than human processing, significantly saving time, and 50 times more cost-effective. With MonkeyLearn, users can ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors, enabling efficient analysis of spreadsheets and faster insights from data. It offers direct integration with Google Sheets, allowing users to build customized reports using Google Sheets or their preferred BI tools. MonkeyLearn also provides quick-start functionality with pre-made models like sentiment analysis or keyword extraction, simplifying the analysis process. Link to MonkeyLearn

Tableau: Tableau, a renowned data visualization platform, offers a Google Sheets connector. This integration allows users to connect their data in Google Sheets to Tableau, empowering them to create interactive dashboards and reports for comprehensive data analysis. Link to Tableau

AppSheet: AppSheet is a no-code platform that allows you to turn your Google Sheets into powerful web and mobile apps. With its AI capabilities, AppSheet automatically detects data relationships, creates interactive forms, and generates intuitive user interfaces. It’s an excellent tool for building custom applications and automating processes using data from Google Sheets. Link to AppSheet

Two Minute Reports (TMR) – Two Minute Reports is a cloud-based add-on for Google Sheets that empowers businesses to connect with multiple data sources and create customized dashboards and reports. With TMR, professionals can schedule automatic data transfers into Google Sheets, ensuring that the data is always up to date. The tool also enables users to generate reports in popular formats such as PDF or Excel and send them as email attachments. This feature streamlines the reporting process, making sharing insights with stakeholders convenient. Link to Two-Minute Reports

Supermetrics: Supermetrics is a popular data integration tool that connects Google Sheets with various data sources, including marketing platforms, analytics tools, and databases. Supermetrics allows users to easily import data from multiple sources directly into Google Sheets, enabling seamless analysis and reporting. It offers a user-friendly interface and supports scheduled data refreshes, ensuring the data is always up to date. Link to Supermetrics

Form Publisher: Form Publisher is a powerful add-on for Google Sheets that automates the creation of personalized documents based on data collected through Google Forms. With Form Publisher, users can generate custom reports, certificates, letters, invoices, and more directly from the responses in Google Sheets. It offers flexible template options, dynamic field merging, and the ability to send the generated documents via email or share them as PDFs. This tool streamlines document creation processes, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Link to Form Publisher

The emergence of AI tools for Google Sheets brings new possibilities for data analysis, automation, and enhanced productivity. These AI tools cater to a wide range of needs, from automating workflows to advanced data analysis and text analytics. By leveraging the power of AI in Google Sheets, users can unlock the full potential of their data, make data-driven decisions, and streamline their spreadsheet-related tasks.

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