15 Artificial Intelligence AI Tools That You Should Try in June 2023



Motion is an ingenious solution, leveraging the power of AI to craft daily agendas that accommodate your meetings, tasks, and projects. Bid farewell to the complexities of planning and embrace a lifestyle of heightened productivity.

Parsio (OCR + AI chat)

Enhance your data extraction process by adopting an AI-driven document parser. Enhance your data extraction routines with our state-of-the-art AI-based PDF parser. Bid farewell to labor-intensive data entry, and embrace seamless, automatic data extraction with this advanced technology.

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an AI video generator that I highly recommend. Its AI Studios has a hyperrealistic Avatar and offers superior quality among AI video SaaS. You can easily produce a video by simply typing a script. Creating an AI video is even easier with its chroma key function and ppt to video function. You can even try it out for free. 2022 and 2023 CES award-winning products have very high quality.

To create an AI video with DeepBrain AI Studios, first, select your AI presenter from the more than 30 avatars provided for your AI films. The platform supports over 80 TTS languages and native AI avatars. Next, enter your AI video script. The platform also has a ChatGPT function that can automatically generate scripts for you. Finally, create your AI video and then download, stream, or translate it.

Cody AI

Cody is a smart AI assistant, similar to ChatGPT, but with the added advantage of being customizable according to your business, your team, your protocols, and your customers using your own knowledge repository. Cody can be employed to back your team, respond to inquiries, assist in creative tasks, rectify problems, and stimulate brainstorming sessions.


In our current digital era, the relentless wave of emails we receive can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where SaneBox comes in, serving as your reliable assistant in managing your emails, ultimately aiming to make your life simpler. Concentrate on the critical emails in your inbox. You can comfortably ignore the rest. SaneBox’s AI system discerns essential emails, seamlessly organizing the rest to assist you in maintaining your focus. SaneBox employs smart AI algorithms to study your email behavior. By learning from your previous interactions, it can pinpoint critical emails, declutter your inbox by relocating less important messages to a different folder, and consolidate newsletters and social media alerts into another. In a nutshell, it transforms disarray into organization, optimizing your digital communication.

Sembly AI

Sembly AI operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms to convert meeting transcriptions into an analyzed format, thus generating practical insights.

Adobe Express

Effortlessly craft eye-catching projects using Adobe Express. The free plan delivers a broad spectrum of templates, design materials, and Adobe Stock images, all with no surprise charges. It provides both web and mobile apps, enabling image and video editing on-the-go and at your convenience. The Quick Actions feature allows for simple content resizing, file conversion, and effects addition with just a few easy clicks, ensuring a faster and more efficient editing process than ever.


Effortlessly secure stunning short video snippets for your podcast using AudioLabs. Save your valuable time by leaving the editing to us, and instead focus on enhancing your content production. Sidestep the hassles of dealing with freelancers and the potential letdowns of AI tools. With AudioLabs, you’ll have access to high-quality, personalized clips, perfect for promoting your podcast, video, or Spaces.


Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, NVIDIA Canvas transmutes simple brushwork into impressively realistic landscapes. Quickly and seamlessly create colorful backdrops, thereby liberating crucial time for innovative ideation and vibrant visualization of concepts.


Develop an impressive brand that mirrors your personal flair using Looka. Leverage Looka’s sophisticated AI technology to craft a logo and establish a brand that deeply connects with your ethos. Experience an unprecedented affection for your brand.

Otter AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, Otter.AI provides users with immediate transcriptions of meeting notes that can be securely shared, searched, and accessed. Benefit from a meeting assistant capable of recording audio, taking notes, automatically saving slides, and creating summaries.


Notion is striving to broaden its audience by leveraging its state-of-the-art AI capabilities. Their newest offering, Notion AI, is a powerful generative AI tool that aids users in activities such as summarizing notes, pinpointing tasks during meetings, and developing or adjusting text. By automating routine tasks and offering helpful suggestions and templates, Notion AI enhances efficiency and augments the user experience, thereby simplifying workflows.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator

The Shutterstock AI Image Generator has revolutionized the design landscape. Thanks to the capabilities of AI, users can effortlessly craft designs that are not only stunning but also one-of-a-kind. This innovative feature has been made possible through a collaboration with OpenAI, equipping the tool with DALL-E 2 technology. What distinguishes this software from the rest is its training based on Shutterstock images and data, delivering a fully licensable image as the output. This development carries significant implications for the art scene, enabling individuals to utilize AI-produced art without violating anyone’s intellectual property rights. Ethical artworks are now just a few seconds away from being downloaded and used creatively. With the Free Trial Offer from Shutterstock, you can access up to 10 AI-Generated Images at no cost!


HeyGen’s advanced AI technology allows for the production of captivating and tailored videos on a large scale. With over 100 lifelike avatars and the ability to work in 40+ languages featuring diverse accents, the need for expensive video agencies or professional actors is eliminated.

Browse AI

AI Browse streamlines the process of data extraction from various sources by enabling businesses to educate no-code scraping bots. This groundbreaking platform is crafted to cater to developers, data scientists, product managers, and research analysts, offering a simple-to-use solution for data harvesting from diverse platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, ProductHunt, and more.

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